our roots

A love for all things sweet. A love for all animals and the planet. A love for sharing. From those loves was born The Lucky Clover, a vegan bakery based in Charlotte, Vermont.

Something I assumed before going vegan, and something I know many non-vegans think, is that there is no way a vegan treat could taste as good as its non-vegan counterpart. Well, I just couldn't accept that reality, so I set out to prove otherwise. With the most experienced 7-year-old taste tester in the world by my side, I think I've been able to validate my theory.

The Lucky Clover is a purveyor of home-baked cupcakes, cookies and cinnamon buns. Each item we produce is made from love and with respect for animals and the planet, meaning they are all dairy and egg free. As such, 10% of all profits are donated to The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in the hopes that we'll be able to help a few more of our furry friends to live better lives.